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Fetal Cardiology and Fetal Echo-cardiography is a relatively new field to India and has major impact on the clinical practice of Sonologists, Obstetricians, Cardiologists and Pediatricans. Currently in India few heart diseases get suspected on ultrasound, which is practically the most common way to raise a suspicion.

A few simple steps in the same obstetric ultrasound exam and the patients’ future may change completely. It is with this objective of increasing the awareness that this site has been built.

Obviously one can’t expect fetal cardiology to be advancing without Pediatric Cardiologists. Any suspicion or diagnosis does not imply termination. There are clear guidelines about which conditions affect delivery mode, which conditions affect place of delivery and which don’t.

These decisions, parental counseling (an essential component to this evaluation) and explanation about the ultimate substrate, i.e. the child, has to be endowed to the Pediatric Cardiologists. The subsequent management may involve neonatology, obstetrics, cardiology and cardiac surgery.

The sections in this blog are for both the parents and the doctor community.

Please feel free to call, email and let me know the feedback on this site and its contents and have a great time !!

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