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THE CENTER WITH LARGEST FETAL CARDIOLOGY EXPERIENCE.Fetal Cardiology and Fetal Echo-cardiography are a relatively new field to India and have a major impact on the clinical practice of Sonologists, Obstetricians, Cardiologists and Pediatricans. Currently in India few heart diseases get suspected on ultrasound, which is practically the most common way to raise a suspicion.



Fetal Cardiologist, MD (Pediatrics)
American Board Certified
FAAP(Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics)
FACC(Fellow American College of Cardiology)




Find answers to most common queries about what is Fetalecho , When it should be done..


Doctors/ Proffessionals

This is the entry to a large section of information relevent to doctors. We have designed this section dedicated to doctors in order to create awareness about prevention and treartment of congenital pediatric cardiac conditions and the relevance of fetal echo in the same.


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