Why by a Cardiologist?

Your babies heart is a  very complex structure. It is so complex that the whole bodys’ all organs can be commented by one person but the final call on the heart is taken by  a Pediatric cardiologist.

the evaluation is usually done at 18 weeks of pregnancy. Ability to give an opinion which is 90% or more accurate is what is needed. All Pediatric Cardiologists also maynot have as much experience in this field.

There are several reasons why a Pediatric Cardiologist is considered the most appropriate person for purposes of a fetal Echo:

1. The heart ds in children is vastly and totally different from that seen in adults

2. The Pediatric Cardiologist is most familiar with recognising heart ds of the type seen in children.

3.  If heart ds is found, its nature, course and significance is best known to Pediatric cardiologists

4.  World wide Fetal Echoes are performed by Pediatric Cardiologists; the final opinion and management issues worldwide made by Pediatric Cardiologists.

5.  Experienced Sonologists can also detect heart disease. But this is what Pediatric Cardiologists do all the time.

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