What is Fetal Echo?

Fetal echo is the test done via ultrasound to assess the heart of the unborn baby. It I a special test and requires special training and skill. The screening of the heart abnormality needs to be done during the Level II scan. If any doubt about any structure related to the heart arises or of the hearts particular structure cannot be checked due to baby’s position, then it is best the heart is evaluated by the Cardiologist.

Pediatric Cardiologists are best trained to assess defects in the heart related to the structure of the heart e.g. hole in heart or valve abnormality in the heart. Initial screening may be done by the Sonologist but the final opinion should always be taken by the Cardiologist.

In addition to being a vital organ, it is also THE MOST COMMON BIRTH DEFECT with 1% i.e. 1 out of 100 pregnancies being affected.

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